Python Digital Assistant

Assist as per the user's query

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Hello World!!!

In this article, we are going to discuss how to create a personal assistant in Python, which can respond as per the user query.👍

Before we start, how to build it. Let's see what it can do.

In this, the user can ask the query in two ways:

  1. Type✍
  2. Speak🗣

And, based on the query, the assistant responds. Obviously, there are two ways it can respond.

  1. Successful message
  2. Error message

as shown below:



Now, Let's see how to build it.✌✌


  1. Any Code IDE (I used Pycharm editor.)
  2. Good Processing PC with Python environment
  3. WolframAlpha and Wikipedia modules (API)
  4. pyttsx3 module (For Assistant to speak)
  5. Tkinter module (GUI)
  6. speech_recognition module (Listen and Read Audio)
  7. pyaudio module
  8. Patience and focus


Create AppID in WolframAlpha using (

Once the app Id is created, now we can use the module to perform the user's query.


You can get the full code from the Github repository.

How to Run it:

You can find the demo from here.

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